教え方 Instruction




川和田先生の厳しい教えは学ぶ者の心の中にまっすぐに入っていきます。稽古では、空手とは何か、そして空手が歴史的にどのように発展してきたのかという問いを心に植え付けながら、遣り甲斐のある練習が課せられます。川和田先生は長年に渡り空手の組手と形で数多くの試合に勝利を収めた世界トップレベルの選手です。最も顕著な成績は第一回世界Shoto Cup トーナメントに於いて、空手の組手と形で同時に1位を獲得したことです。自身が素晴らしい選手でありましたが、また、空手は武士道であり自己防衛の技として現実的に伝授されなくてはならないと考えていました。


 “Strive not to be a master but a great teacher” is the motto of Kawawada, Minoru Sensei who has inherited the legacy of Nakayama Shihan’s Hoitsugan Dojo. Kawawada Sensei, a certified JKA instructor and 7th degree black belt, provides quality instruction tailored to each member. Sensei’s incisive teaching goes directly to the heart of a student’s needs. Each class provides a challenging workout while stimulating the mind with questions about karate and historical explanations about how karate has developed.

Kawawada Sensei has been a top class world competitor with many tournament wins in both kata and kumite. His most notable win was as Grand Champion of the first world Shoto Cup Tournament with 1st place in both kata and kumite. As successful a competitor as he was, Kawawada Sensei still believes and teaches that karate is Budo and must be taught realistically for proper self defense. In the spirit of Nakayama Masatoshi Shihan, Kawawada Sensei welcomes anyone and everyone to come train or visit at the Hoitsugan Dojo.

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